Elwood Blues Club last of 2013

OK, I admit it. I am a sucker for female vocalists belting out the blues, so what an extra special treat last night with 3 of the very best giving their all, and then some. Fiona Boyes headlined the night with her amazing variety of sensitive and sensual melody, contrasted by some real in your face, raucous power. Next up was one of my all time favourite stage presences in Christine Manetta with an all-to-short set which included The Doors “Roadhouse Blues” … *swoon*!! Thanks so much for that Christine!! Finally was the newcomer to the EBC in Nicole Nehemia, a real bundle of personality, style and talent – totally infectious and utterly engaging. So, what an end to the year – three beautiful ladies hammering out great blues supported by the incredible talent of the EBC allstars and the likes of Jesse Valach, Rod Paine and sooo many more amazing musicians. All I can say is “roll on 2014!” Have an amazing Christmas and New Year everyone and thanks!

Happy Birthday Elwood Blues Club!

Sunday night was Elwood Blues Club’s first birthday at their current venue, the Greyhound Hotel. What a fantastic way to celebrate with the in your face Chigaco Blues of Greg Dodd and Dan Dinnen. Couple this with exceptional sets by jammers (particularly Christine Manetta singing The Doors) and you have an electric evening.

Every Sunday night from 5.30 people… get on it.. it’s exceptional!!

Tracey Miller @ Elwood Blues Club

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Elwood Blues Club and I had missed it. Sunday was another excellent night hosted by the powerful Tracey Miller, raunching it up with the best of them! If you haven’t done it yet, get yourselves down to the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda and join some of the best blues musicians in Australia every Sunday evening. You won’t be disappointed!

Elwood Blues Club with James Southwell

Another fantastic night at the Elwood Blues Club, this time with the enigmatic and bundle of energy, James Southwell. The volume was up and so were the dancers. Coupled with some simply amazing acts in the blues jam, this really was one of the best yet. The word is spreading about Sunday nights at the Greyhound Hotel, in St Kilda.. big crowds and big music. If you have something else on on a Sunday evening, cancel it and treat yourself to the best blues jam in the country. You most definitely will NOT be disappointed!


Elwood Blues Club

It was a bit of an epiphany, discovering the Elwood Blues Club at the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda. I am a bit slow discovering these things, but finally I have a “regular” venue of a Sunday night. I was initially attracted there because Lloyd Spiegel was performing but kept going because, well, here was a bunch of guys driven entirely by the music. The guests are great, but the passion of the EBC house band and the plethora of jammers that come week to week are what keeps me going back. Couple this with rather incongruous atmosphere of the Greyhound Hotel, more renown for its ahhhhh more liberal clientele and it’s just a great night that keeps you guessing and intrigued. I don’t recommend this to anyone who loves fantastic blues music and has other things they generally do on a Sunday night, because if you go once, I think it is imperative that you go again, and again, and yet again. It appear to be highly addictive… Anyway, here is a compilation of photos from over a number of weeks… My passion… my pics 🙂

Cheers!! Gary

PS These photos are primary B&W because:

1) I love B&W

2) I think B&W fits the blues genre

3) The Greyhound Hotel INSISTS on using colour killing RED stage lights which totally saturate photographs… (bastards)…