Mad Dog at The On Top Bar

This is the way I heard the story. My son, after “a few drinks” sort out the owner of the On Top and told him he liked his venue and this his band would be a perfect fit. The owner asked where the band had played before and was told “oh, the espy, the hifi blah blah”. The owner said Yes, it would be a good fit and here is a 4 hour slot. My son left the bar thinking.. hmmm, I better find a band and a way to fill 4 hours. So he mustered all his highly talented circle of friends and filled the 4 hours and the bar in a great evening of excellent musis and particularly non-PC humour (his mother is still blushing). I think last night was the fourth such night and they never disappoint.. What a LOT of fun! Thanks guys…


Elwood Blues Club

It was a bit of an epiphany, discovering the Elwood Blues Club at the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda. I am a bit slow discovering these things, but finally I have a “regular” venue of a Sunday night. I was initially attracted there because Lloyd Spiegel was performing but kept going because, well, here was a bunch of guys driven entirely by the music. The guests are great, but the passion of the EBC house band and the plethora of jammers that come week to week are what keeps me going back. Couple this with rather incongruous atmosphere of the Greyhound Hotel, more renown for its ahhhhh more liberal clientele and it’s just a great night that keeps you guessing and intrigued. I don’t recommend this to anyone who loves fantastic blues music and has other things they generally do on a Sunday night, because if you go once, I think it is imperative that you go again, and again, and yet again. It appear to be highly addictive… Anyway, here is a compilation of photos from over a number of weeks… My passion… my pics 🙂

Cheers!! Gary

PS These photos are primary B&W because:

1) I love B&W

2) I think B&W fits the blues genre

3) The Greyhound Hotel INSISTS on using colour killing RED stage lights which totally saturate photographs… (bastards)…