Two weeks at the Elwood Blues Club

Two special weeks at the EBC with the incredible guitar of Brian Strafford and the amazing voice and presence of the intriguing Rebecca Davey. A pure treat for a photographer to capture these amazing talents, along with the regulars who always make the night special. Thankyou!

EBC20130811-a1 EB20130804-b1 EB20130804-a9 EB20130804-a8 EB20130804-a7 EB20130804-a6 EB20130804-a5 EB20130804-a4 EB20130804-a3 EB20130804-a2 EB20130804-a1 EBC20130811-d1 EBC20130811-c9 EBC20130811-c8 EBC20130811-c7 EBC20130811-c6 EBC20130811-c4 EBC20130811-c3 EBC20130811-c2 EBC20130811-c1 EBC20130811-b9 EBC20130811-b8 EBC20130811-b7 EBC20130811-b6 EBC20130811-b5 EBC20130811-b4 EBC20130811-b3 EBC20130811-b2 EBC20130811-b1 EBC20130811-a9 EBC20130811-a8 EBC20130811-a7 EBC20130811-a6 EBC20130811-a5 EBC20130811-a4 EBC20130811-a3 EBC20130811-a2

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