Fitzroy Street Art


I spent a day recently wandering with friends through the amazing back streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. It’s amazing to see how this place has been transformed over the years, especially in visual terms. The quality of the street art is simply stunning. I sometimes think it’s a pity that this art is so relatively fleeting, but I was talking to one of the artists one day, and he explained that his art will be seen by more people in the short period of its existence, compared to the vast majority of more conventional art that may hang in a gallery for a small time, hang on someone’s wall for a period and then be relegated to the garage where it will languish forever. It is difficult to argue with this logic, and  it is always exciting to return to the streets and find what is new, and there is always something new, and the quality just seems to improve all the time.

From the clever, the witty, the poignant and the downright artistically superb, I love it all. Add to this the characters, the small cafes and the general atmosphere, this is one of my favourite regions in my favourite city of Melbourne.


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