Steve Romig & Jeff Zambellis at GPO Hotel, Rosebud

Noun – The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”.
We decided yesterday at the last minute to head down to Portsea and photograph surfers in the sunset then get a B&B as stay the night. No surfers and absolutely no accommodation to be had on the peninsula. So we stopped for a quick bite before heading home at the GPO Hotel in Rosebud. The waitress asked us if we might like to move because the music was starting next to us and it might be a little loud for our delicate ears. We suggested that wouldn’t be necessary. Onto stage came Steve and Jeff, playing acoustic blues and covers. I am a sucker for a steel string guitar at the best of times, but Jeff’s wonderful renditions had me mesmerised. Couple this with Steve’s light electric, soulful vocals and a wonderful eclectic mix of tunes, both originals and covers from the likes of Robert Johnson to James Taylor, and our “quick meal” became a full evening. Thanks for a great evening Steve and Jeff. It was really nice to meet you and lose myself in your music for a while. We got home a little late. I hope to do it again sometime soon!


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